the Preloader Component
         by tom aka novatake

One of the most baffling concepts to understand in flash is the preloader; which unfortunately is also one of the most important feature needed for large movies. Many people like to have a loading bar (which is quite hard). This tutorial will show you how to easily make a loading bar by using a Flash MX Component.

[ You will create the loader for the above animation ]

Download the source file and the component required below. The source does not contain the loader you will create that yourself.

download extension (.mxp) file

download source for flash mx

Before you can install the Extension file, you will need to get Macromedia extension manager 1.5 or later. Click here to download it. Make sure you install the Extension file using the Macromedia Extensions manager.

Once you have the above files and the Extension Manager downloaded, follow the directions to get your animation configured:

  1. Once you open the fla file your flash timeline should look like the following image:

[ your timeline should look like above image ]

  1. In the first frame of the preloader layer open the components panel and find the loader component. Drag that component onto the stage and remember to make sure you have inserted a keyframe.
  2. You should see that a small grey box appears. That small grey box is the loader. In the second frame insert a blank keyframe to make sure the load bar disappears when the movie starts.
  3. Your timeline should now look like this:

[ how your timeline should look now ]

  1. You are finished with the loader! To view the full animation press ctrl+enter then ctrl+enter once more to show the preloader.

Hope this is helpful!




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