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       by kirupa  |  31 May 2008

Ever since this site started covering Flash a few years ago, the topic of preloaders was always the one that was most popular. In case you do not know what a preloader is, it is a small animation or transition that plays while your main content is being loaded.

Preloader Examples
For example, one of my favorite animations is Adobe Cards, and as you are waiting for the animation to load, you are greeted with a brief animation that displays some progress info as your download commences:

There are also more elaborate preloaders that you can find such as the one on the Zune Journey site that employs a flare effect that, as more of your content gets loaded, better defines the outline of the hardware along with displaying the current progress:

There are numerous examples of preloaders on the web, but all of them have one characteristic in common. They are designed to keep your attention while the main content is being loaded.

They keep your attention in various ways. Many display a numerical load percentage so that you can gauge how much of your content has been loaded and how long you will have to wait. Some are more visual and display the progress using other means such as progress bars, filling animations, etc.

What You Will Create
Regardless of what shape the visual presentation a preloader takes, behind the scenes, they are all similar. By the end of this tutorial, you will have learned how to create a preloader and have it work when I load an image from an external location.

Your preloader will similar to what I am showing in the following image:

[ a progress bar indicating how much of your content is being loaded ]

After the preloader has finished loading, the image will become visible:

[ your content has loaded - which in my case is an album cover from Enigma ]

Ok, so now that you have an idea of what a preloader is and what you will create in this tutorial, let's start discussing how we will implement our preloader by going to the next page.

Onwards to the next page!

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