Components to Create a Form
         written by ilyas usal aka pom

This tutorial is more or less a sequel to Kirupa's tutorial about the scrollbar and mine about the listbox. Please read them carefully before attempting this one.

I will show you in this tutorial how to:

  • set up the form with 6 of Macromedia's components
  • get the input from the user with Actionscript
  • change very easily the looks of your form using Actionscript

  • We are going to make a form asking for information about the user. He will answer a certain number of questions, and when he presses the submit button, we will get all his answers, and go to an answer frame that processes the input data.

    This is what the form is going to look like when everything is finished:

    [ fill the form and press the submit button ]

    To see more easily how it works, we are going to use the trace function to display in the output window what the users inputs.

    Creating the form:

    1. The general layout
      Create a new movie in Flash MX. Set the width and height to 500. You can choose a background color, a background image, anything you like. I put a yellow background (#FFFF00). Name the first layer components. Also add 2 layers in the timeline. Name them code and labels.
      In the labels layer, add a keyframe on frame 5 by pressing F6 and add a frame on frame 10 by pressing F5. Add a keyframe on frame 5 in the code layer too. Your timeline should look like this:

      [ the timeline ]

    2. Actions and labels
      Open your Actions panel. Select the first frame of the code layer and put the stop(); action. Do the same in frame 5.
      Now open the Properties panel. In the Labels layer, select frame 1 and enter the frame label form. In frame 5 enter the frame label result. Your timeline should now look like this:

      [ the timeline again ]

    3. The components
      All the components are going to be added in frame 1 of the components layer.
      • Drag and drop a radio button in the top left end of the scene. Then press Ctrl and drag it to duplicate it. Do it once more to have 3 radio buttons.

      • Drag and drop a combobox on the scene under the radio buttons.
        Drag and drop a listbox.

      • Drag and drop two push buttons.

      • Drag and drop a check box and then duplicate it 5 times like we did with the radio buttons.

      • Put an input text and drag and drop the scrollbar component on it.

    This is pretty much how the form is going to look like so try and make it look good. Personally I use the properties panel all the time to place precisely my objects on the scene.

    What we have to do now is populate the components, and get the input of the user. We will do this with Actionscript. Click the Next Page link to proceed with adding the Actionscript.


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