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Often times, a  lot of you post on my message board or email me when there is something that you would need help on. Publishing Flash animations and making it work on a server has been on of the most requested questions in the recent couple of days. Below you will find out how to do make your animations work on the Web.

Publishing to HTML and SWF:
When you publish your files in Flash, make sure that you are publishing the SWF file and it's supporting HTML file. The HTML file Flash outputs will make it much easier for you to get the animation to work as planned. To make sure you are publishing your files in both HTML and SWF, go to File > Publish Settings: Formats. Under the Formats area, make sure both HTML and SWF are checked.

The Formats are under Publish Settings

Once you have made sure that Flash will publish both HTML and SWF, you should click on the Publish button. (Unless you are not done with your animation; in which case you would first finish then press Publish).

Incorporating HTML
Now that you have published in the HTML format, you need to copy the HTML code from the Flash generated HTML file and paste it into your site's Web document. 

To do that:

  1. Open the Flash-generated HTML file in Notepad or another program that you may be using. FrontPage and DreamWeaver will work as well.
  2. Go to the HTML of that file, and copy all the HTML in between the <body> and </body> tags.
  3. The last step, open the HTML document from your Web site in which you would like to add the animation into. Paste the HTML code that you just copied into the HTML code of your document. Save the file once the code has been pasted. 

Remember that the actual animation is saved in the SWF file. The HTML file only interprets and links to the animation. Thus, you need to upload the SWF file to the same directory/folder where your HTML page is. If you changed the tags to represent a different location for the animation, then you will need to upload the SWF to the location you specified.


  • Publish animation in SWF
  • Publish animation in HTML
    • Copy the HTML from the Flash-generated HTML
    • Paste the HTML from the above step to the HTML document residing in your website.
  • Upload
    • Save the HTML document from your Web site, and upload it back to your server.
    • Upload the SWF file to the same location as that of your HTML page. If you changed the location of where your animation will be, then upload in that corresponding area.

If you are unable to get your animation to work on your server, try following the steps below.

  • Upload the SWF and Flash-generated HTML file to your server in the same folder or directory. Then from your browser, try accessing the Flash-generated HTML file. If the animation works from Flash's HTML page, you may have made a mistake somewhere. Try copying and pasting the code again.
  • Make sure that your server supports the use of Flash SWF files. Your server administrator or you may to install the correct MIME type on the server to connect the SWF file to the Macromedia Flash Player.

I hope the information helped. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to post them on the Forums. Just post your question and I, or our friendly forum helpers, will help answer it.

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