Ray of Light Revisited
        upuaut8 aka David H

Since I've had numerous requests for this piece, I've finally gotten around to rewriting the tutorial from Suga himself, as detailed in New Master's of Flash ISBN 1-903450-03-9. I'm hoping that my simple style of spelling out the basics will help some of you to understand this work. This is not a tutorial for experienced Flashers. You'll find that it gets exceedingly boring as you have to listen to every detail covered. Alas, this is what most newbies are missing, and it is for them that I write my tutorials. If you're an adapt, or master then do what we all do. Visit the boards and ask questions. Since you newbies get that benefit you also get to listen to a little longwinded stuff. I really ask that you read on though. I assure you that most of my long winded information is vital to completing a project. I hear it from the masters, and I pass it on to you.

Truth be told this is a great example of the transition between student and master. This is representative of that experience to me, and I like to imagine that it was so for Master Suga as well. A time when all the explanations in the world were not going to help me to solve something. A time when I began to see through Flash colored lenses at the world, envisioning it as they did. Constructing something from pure thought. . .pure energy. . .using my mind. Ray of Light is an example of what makes Flash Magical, superior.

I think it's important, first off, to let you in on the same two secrets he gave me in the book.

  1. This is easy. It's that simple. This is an easy thing to do. It's not that I wish to belittle your attempts so far, for attempting is all any of us are doing. It is important to go into this knowing that it's easy. If you think it's outrageously hard, just because it looks really cool, then you're going to fail to create the effect.
  2. Sometimes in Flash, you have to work, really work at something to get it just right. Nothing comes easy in this world. "Ray of Light" is one of those projects that doesn't require a lot of explanation, but does require a lot of time on your part. ( We're going to see how long I can take to do this one, while writing the tutorial.)

So remember those two things, and apply them to most Flash projects. "They are both easy and take time", and you'll do fine in this design environment.


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