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What's the Deal with this Site?

by kirupa   |   discuss on the kirupaForums

Everything you see here started in 1999. That's a really long time ago. It's soooo long ago, that the best way to describe all the things that happened is by starting with a timeline:

To go into more detail about some of the quirks from this timeline, check out the forum post dedicated to it.

Meet the Team

Running a community of over 200k members takes a village. The currently active village sherpas, better known as moderators, who ensure everything runs smoothly are:

Over the years, this site has had quite an illustrious set of moderators who imparted their wisdom, secret recipes, and sweet dance moves. While they are no longer active on the site, their presence had a huge impact:

Manny Dimatulac

Edwin Rosero

Dan Alu

Gert Vinke


Ilyas Usal


Donna Lopez

Angela Taylor

Shane Waldeck

Christian Eilsoe




Ahmed Abbas



Nathan Galloway

Jeroen De Ridder

Mike DiPietro

Paul Soultis

Dave Collier

Randall Potter





Joshua Jenkins




Josh Rhame

Emma Dobrescu

Brian Haveri

Jeff Wheeler

Austin Andrews

Ryan Ragona




Some of them still drop by every now and again to tell us about their adventures and life after retiring from this site, so have your cameras on the ready in case the time is right.


The awesome pixel icons we see throughout the site come all the way from the early 2000's by Greg Fleming of Dark Project Studios fame:

Some of the other icons you'll likely see are a part of Twitter's Twemoji set.

The pixel font used in the various headings is Born2BSporty by JapanYoshi:

The sans-serif font used everywhere else is the modern-yet-retro-looking Chakra Petch.

How is the Site Built?

The site doesn't use a lot of complicated things to work. Almost everything in the site is created in vanilla HTML, CSS, and JS. Server-side logic is handled in PHP with a couple of MySQL servers providing databasey goodness. If you are curious to learn more, the following behind-the-scenes video describes the process for getting an article published:

As you can see, the way the site is built today still resembles the state-of-the-art from those many years ago when the site first started in the late 90's. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? You tell me!


Over the years, the site has grown and evolved quite a bit, but one thing never changed. That thing is a laser-focused goal on providing you with the easiest-to-understand (and possibly funniest!) content to make learning web development and related topics more fun. All of that is made possible thanks to readers like you. So, thank you!

Just a final word before we wrap up. If you have a question and/or want to be part of a friendly, collaborative community of over 220k other developers like yourself, post on the forums for a quick response!

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