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       by kirupa  |  19 May 2008

One of the improvements made in AS3 is how you load external content into your application. Some of the new changes make it easier for you to initiate and measure the progress of a download - something which was always a bit of a challenge in the AS2 world.

In this article, I will describe how to load an external image into a movie clip in a Flash CS3 application. The following is an example of what you will create towards the end of this tutorial:

[ picture taken from the city formerly known as kirupaVille! ]

In the above example, when you run, an image stored in the same folder as the SWF is loaded and displayed. I know it is hard to see that, but don't worry, for you will be able to display this very quickly on your own computer very quickly.

Let's Get Started
The following steps will help you create a small application that loads an image file from an external location:

  1. First, create a new Flash CS3 application and save this application as loadimage.

    For this article, the size of your stage, the background color, etc. are not that important, so feel free to leave everything at the default settings if you want.
  2. Let's add a movie clip that will host your loaded image. Go to Insert | New Symbol or press Ctrl + F8 to display the Create New Symbol dialog. From this dialog, give your new symbol the name ImageClip and make sure the Movie Clip option is selected:

[ create a new Movie Clip called ImageClip ]

Once everything is set, press OK to close this dialog and to create your new ImageClip movie clip symbol.

  1. You will now be in the editing view for your newly created ImageClip. We really don't want to do anything to this clip, so exit out of ImageClip and return to Scene 1 by clicking the Scene 1 link in the navigation bar:

[ click on Scene 1 to go back to your main scene ]

  1. You should be back in your main Scene 1 view. Now, we created new ImageClip symbol, but we haven't actually added it to our scene. From the Library, drag and drop your ImageClip movie clip into your scene:

[ insert your ImageClip movie into your main scene ]

Once you have inserted ImageClip into your scene, you shouldn't see anything outside of the little circle representing your empty movie clip:

[ an empty movie clip is represented by a hollow circle ]

  1. Make sure the hollow circle representing ImageClip is selected, and from the Properties panel, give your selected ImageClip instance the name imageArea:

[ give your movie clip the instance name imageArea ]

All right - you are done with the UI part of this tutorial. In the last five steps, all you really did was create a new empty movie clip that you dragged to your scene and gave it the instance name imageArea. In the next page, let's go further.

Onwards to the next page!

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