a Simple Motion Tween
         by alex

To complete the task of creating a Motion tween effect you will need to follow the instructions listed below. The tween, I am about to instruct you through is just a simple tween, when you learn more, you can create more complex effects.

Now, let's create our simple motion tween:

  1. Create a new document in Flash MX by going to File | New. A new, blank Flash MX movie will be displayed.
  2. Next, we will create a simple shape, lets use a circle.
  3. Highlight the shape, Right click on the shape, and select 'Convert to symbol'.
  4. When the new screen comes up, Select Movie Clip by clicking on the radio button as shown in the picture below.

[ select Movie Clip from the Convert to Symbol dialog box ]

  1. Now click on ok.
  2. Next, we will start the actual tweening. Double click on the circle Movie clip. Right click on frame 20 and select Insert Frame. Your timeline should look like the following image:

[ how your timeline should look ]

  1. With your timeline still looking like the one provided above, move your slider back to the first keyframe by clicking on the first keyframe.
  2. Right click on the frame, and click on Create Motion Tween. This option will make the frame appear a light shade of blue.
  3. Right click on frame 10, and choose Insert Key Frame. We will do this same step for frames 5, 15, and 20:

[ insert a keyframe ]

  1. After you have inserted a keyframe in frames 5, 10, 15, and 20, your timeline should look like the following image:

[ how your timeline hopefully looks like ]

  1. With 10 steps completed, we are almost finished:
    1. Now, click on frame #5, and this will highlight the shape. Click and drag the shape to the right of the MX document (stay inside document).
    2. Next, click on frame #10, click and drag the shape into the center of the document.
    3. Next, click on frame 15, click and drag to the left of the document (stay inside document).
    4. Next, click on frame 20, click and drag to the center of the document.

  2. You can customize the background color, the circle color, etc!

Now we are finished with creating a simple Motion tween effect! If you have any questions, consult with the Open source .FLA, or post your flash related questions on



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