in a Dynamic Text Box
         by sintax321

This tutorial will show you how to create simple Hyperlinks in you dynamic text box. Before doing this tutorial it is recommended you complete the dynamic text box tutorial found HERE.

[ you will have created the above when finished ]

Creating It
The following steps will explain how to create link in a dynamic text box:

  1. First create your dynamic text box and attach your scroll bar if required. How to do this is explained in the tutorial found HERE.

  2. Once you have created your text box, copy and paste the following text into it:

[ copy the above text into your dynamic text box ]

  1. If you followed the steps above, your stage should look similar to the following image:

[ how your stage should look ]

  1. Once the text box is created and the text pasted, select the text box and take a look at the properties panel. Here you will find the "Render text as HTML" button. When you have this button selected it allows us to format the dynamic text and when exported will save these changes as HTML formatting.

[ select the Render text as HTML button ]

  1. Now that the "Render text as HTML" button is pressed we have the option to format individual selections of text with out it affecting the rest of the dynamic text. It also opens up the option to insert a link on the link line in the Properties Panel.

    So now select the text you want to make a Hyperlink and type in the URL of where you would like it to link too. For example, if you highlight the text, you would enter the URL in the URL field of your properties panel:

[ enter the URL in the URL field of the Properties Panel ]

  1. We can also change where the site targets with the properties panel. You will notice to the right of the link line there is a target drop down menu. There you will find the 4 default target options:

[ html target options ]

  1. Before when you tired to change the color of just a certain selection of it would affect the whole text box. Now we can change individual selections so we can make our links stand out.

    Select the link or text you would like a different color and adjust the color in the Properties Panel. We can also change the size, the font, and the bold or italic with out affecting the rest of the text:

[ formatting options for your text ]

So, as you can see, the "Render text as HTML" button allows us a wide variety of control over our dynamic text boxes. We can have different colors, different fonts, special formatting, and Hyperlinks all in one dynamic text box. With out the "Render text as HTML" button dynamic text boxes don't seem so dynamic.

I have provided the source code in case you are interested in seeing how my animation turned out:

download final source

If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the forums by clicking here.




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