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  • Basic Text Scroller
    Ever wanted to create text in its own little scroll box? This tutorial will help you to learn how to create a basic text scroller easily. 
  • Random Colors
    Learn how to create a movie clip that creates random colors on the fly. You can customize to a mouse action, frame action, etc. This is one tutorial and source code you should not be without.
  • Flash MX: Switch/Case
    Find an alternative to if/else by learning about the switch/case feature!

  • Tell Target
    Learn how to control animations in another movie clip inside the same animation.  
  • More Tell Target
    Learn more about why the Tell Target commands function the way they do and why you should consider to use them in your animation.  
  • Projector Commands
    Use this page as a guide to help you remember the projector commands that you can use in your projector movies.
  • Password Entry & If/Else
    Learn how to create a password input form that checks whether the password is accurate or not by using If/Else statements. Master if/else statements by following this tutorial.
  • Displaying Data in a Text Field
    Learn how to use variables, input boxes, dynamic text boxes, concatenation, and more in this tutorial.
  • Flash 5 Preloaders
    Understand how Preloaders work and use them in your own animations by following this simple guide that outlines all the steps necessary for a successful preloader.

  • Set Property
    Control the properties of movie clips by using the Set Property commands.  


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