by redGolgi

Today we are going to learn how to morph faces. We are going to make this image below.

[ the final product ]

Now, don't get worried, it looks much harder then it really is. I made this image from these two pictures:

You can download the larger images here to work from.

In this tutorial you will see letters in parentheses next to the names of tools. This is the keyboard shortcut for the tool. All you do is press that letter and it will bring up that tool. Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time and make the design process go more smoothly.

The following steps will explain how to create the above effect in Photoshop:

  1. We are going to use the yoda picture as the base, and add the kid's face into it. First open both pictures with Photoshop. Then using your Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), select the area of the kid's face that we want, and then switch to the Move Tool (V) and drag the selection onto the yoda picture:

  1. The next thing we have to do is match the sizes of the faces, so that they will be proportionally matched as best as possible. You will typically shrink down the larger image instead of enlarging the small one so that we retain the quality of the smaller one. We are going to shrink down yoda.

    Select the yoda layer and then go to your top menu bar and select Edit > Transform > Scale. Then hold down the shift button while you are resizing so that the image resizes to scale and use the handlebars on the corner of the layer to resize the yoda image until his face is the same size as the kid's face. The transformation will not apply until you press enter, so you can feel free to let go of the handlebars and click on the yoda image body and reposition it so that you can match it accurately. It is helpful to pick a certain feature of the faces to align each other with.
    This feature may vary depending on the faces and positions, but typically it will be somewhere in the 'T' zone (the eyes and nose of the face) because this is the most distinguishing part of the face. In this one we will match the subjects' outside eye. Once you are happy with the size, press enter and the transformation will be applied:

[ scaling the yoda image down in size ]

{ Tip 1 }
It is good practice to name your layers. This makes it easy to recognize what is on them and keeps things better organized. To name them either right click and select properties or just double click on the name of the layer. I like to color code them as well. To color code a layer, just right click on the eye next to the layer that shows if it is visible and select a color from the dropdown menu:

{ Tip 2 }
It might help you to zoom in on the picture in this case, because the images are small and it will help you size it better. Select the Zoom tool (Z) and then go to the top toolbar and select 'Fit on Screen'.

{ Tip 3 }
To match the faces accurately, set the top layer's opacity to 60% (the kid's face in this instance). You set the opacity in the layers panel.



Save your file if you have not done so already. Press Control + S, name it, and then select where you want to save it on your computer. In the future, save frequently. From now on, you just need to press Control + S to save.


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