Trend Art Style
        by Sushisource : 19 July 2004

Hello! And welcome to the Trend Art Style tutorial. This tutorial is meant for someone who has at least basic Photoshop skills. We will begin by learning what Trend Art Style is.

Trendy stuff, (EG: Plus signs, scan lines, opaque text ETC)

The conscious use of skill and creative imagination

Pertaining to art, hopefully.

Now that we know what we are trying to accomplish, lets start. For this example of TrendArt, I will be making a 302px by 192px size footer-type-thing.

[ You're End Result ]

Let's Get Started!

  1. Make a cool background. For this step, take your favorite color and use ALT+BACKSPACE to apply it to your canvas. However, your color should be relatively dark. I chose #2F5732, a dark green. 
  2. Optional But Recommended : Now set your color to white and paint your background with a nice Airbrush, around 60 in size and 11% opacity. Brush your background until you think it looks nice.  

[ What we have so far, lookin' good! ]

  1. Now let's go ahead and add some scan lines, to make these open up a new document, sized 5px by 5px . Make a new layer, and delete the "Background" layer. Now use your pencil tool set at 1px, white, and draw a diagonal line that goes from left to right. 

Feel free to make the line go the other way if you want scanlines that go right to left.


[ This is what your scanline image should look like, if you chose left to right lines. ]

  1. Now use the keystroke CRTL+A to select the canvas, then go to the menu
    EDIT > DEFINE PATTERN. Name your pattern whatever you want, this will save your image as a pattern for future use.

  2. Now you can go ahead and close the window that you used to make your scanline pattern. You don't need it anymore. Go back to the real image. Make a new layer and use CRTL+A to select the canvas again. Now hit
    In the USE: dropdown menu, select "Pattern" then pick the scanline one we made. Then hit ok, VOILA! You've got scanlines! But, you aren't nearly done with them yet. Use the keystroke CRTL+U and turn down the lightness to about -49.

[ This is what you should have now, except your scanlines might be going left to right. ]

  1. But come on, they STILL aren't pretty enough! Have at these pitiful lines with my friend MR. Dodge Tool. Set the Dodge Tool to about at 41 size airbrush, highlights, and exposure at 17%. Make those scanlines PURDY!



In the next page, we will continue to make this more trendy...and artsy!


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