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        by mlk : Hot Summer Month of 2004

VIII. Resources & Acknowledgement
Links, and more!

If you find bugs in the codes throughout the tutorial or absurdities (at the rate at which I wrote it, they must be hundreds of them) be kind to private message me on Kirupaforum or send me and email:

If you happen to create some nifty code yourself, I will add a page to this tutorial to show new sample codes !

The following list of links is far from being complete; if you find interesting sites worth of mentioning, let me know and I will update this page.



Happy scripting !

Download all the Javascript files of this tutorial CS / PS7
(zip file, right click and 'save as')


More Scripts !
List of scripts which were written but not detailed...
Close all of your windows instantly PS7 / CS
Tired of Photoshop asking you if you want to save all the documents on your working space before closing ? This 2-line script will close all of your documents without saving and return a clean workspace. Record this script with an action, and bind the action to a shortcut key, and you'll improve your workflow greatly !
- by mlk

Tutorial written by mlk (mlkdesign)
“ Life is like a box of chocolates .. full of nuts! ”


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