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Make sure to finish pages one and two of this tutorial before proceeding to this, the last page of this tutorial!

  1. We are now going to use a fun tool called the Healing Brush tool (J) to smooth over some of the edges, so there is a smooth transition to the face, and we can add some texture as well.

    Healing Brush note: This is similar to the Clone Stamp tool (S) , but it is significantly better in some cases, and easier to use. The way it works is you select an area to copy with the tool and then you paint with the pixels that you copied with the tool. This is the same concept as the clone tool, but the clone tool makes hard edges and just pastes the pixels exactly. The healing brush however, mixes the pixels that it is pasting in with the image below it, so that you get a much smoother transition. The color will blend better, and the texture will match better. It is excellent for photorealistic work like we are doing.
    Use a #10 Healing Brush and place it close to an edge you want to smooth on the yoda face. Hold down the alt key and left click to copy the pixels. Release the mouse. Then move the mouse so it is over both edges and click again. See how it smoothes out the transition? Do this for the chin, jaw, and cheeks of the face. Don't worry about the nose or eyes yet. I created the line across the face using the healing brush. Practice with this tool can give you excellent results.


  1. Now we have one big problem. The bridge of the noses doesn't line up. This part can get a little tricky, so you may want to get up and stretch and get a root beer and a cookie. Reward yourself for doing so well so far!

    OK, now that you feel refreshed, come over here and select the Lasso Tool. (L) We are going to cut out the yoda nose, and rotate it so the angle matches the angle of the kid's nose.

    Once it is selected, go to the top menu and select Edit > Transform > Rotate, and then rotate the bridge until it lines up. Now we need to use the clone stamp to make a smooth transition of the bridge and add some texture to the kid's nose. Select the Clone Stamp (S) and use a #9 feathered brush. Make the brush’s opacity set to about 60% and use the same method as described earlier with the Healing Brush to pick up pixels off the Yoda nose and paste them onto the Kid's face. Mess around with the opacity of the Clone Stamp to get the desired effect.

    Now we are going to fix the gaps in the nose bridge. Use the Smudge tool (R) with a #9 brush to smudge the gaps over from the bridge to the rest of the nose area. You might need to use the clone stamp as well. Now our nose should look significantly better. The face is almost done now!


  1. Now comes the hardest part, so buckle up your safety belts and keep your hands in the vehicle. We have to add highlights and shadow to the face with the Brush Tool (B) to make it look like it has the same lighting as the yoda face did. If we don't do this, it will look flat and unrealistic. Make a new layer on top of the image for your manual painting.

    Use the Eyedropper Tool (I) to select colors that are already in the yoda so that our painting looks natural. Use an array of feathered brushes with the brush tool to get the effect you want. You can also try playing around with the opacity of the paint you are putting up in the top menu bar.

    Below is the Image without the painting (1), the image with the painting (2), and the painting on a grey background (3), this way you can see what I did clearly:

Congratulations!!! We are almost done. Your yodaman should be looking pretty neat right now so we just have one more thing to clean up, and that is the portion of yoda's face that is still coming out of the right hand side. That is quite simple, all we do is use the eyedropper tool to select the color of the surrounding area, and paint over the little bits of face.
And that's it! You have now successfully made a morphed face! Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and get another cookie. You can be proud for now you can turn your friends and family into funny creatures and other such fun things.

[ wohoo! you are done ]

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Drawing and Design forum.



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