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This is page two of the Morphing Faces tutorial. If you happen to have stumbled here without first having completed the first page, click here. If you have completed the first place, continue on:

  1. Now it is time to match the angles of the faces. In this case, yoda's face is angled slightly to the right, so we are going to rotate the kid's face to match it. Select the kid layer. Go to your top menu and select Edit > Transform > Rotate. Then rotate the face by grabbing the handlebars. Press enter when you are done.
  2. Now we want to erase the parts of the face we don't need. This image is excellent since the outmost eyes line up very nicely. Set the opacity of the kid layer to 80% so that you can see it better.

    Then use the Erase Tool (E) with a #45 feathered brush to erase the bulk of the parts of the face. Don't get too close to the main parts of the face. We will come in closer with a sharper brush to clean it up, but right now we don't want to lose any opacity on the main kid's face.

    Set the kid's opacity to 100%. Now use a #13 feathered brush to erase the forehead, and eyebrows, and any other bits of face that we don't need.

[ Starting to look neat, huh? Save your file again. ]

  1. Now we are going to change the color of the kid's face to green. Go to the top menu bar and select Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation (Control + U). Make sure the preview box is checked so that you can see the effects on your image. Then check the colorize option. This adds color evenly to the image. Now mess around with the hue, saturation, and lightness until it matches the skin tone.
    This time we used Hue: 69, saturation: 22, lightness: 0. Press OK or enter when you are done:

[ image after making the above adjustments ]

  1. Now if we look at our image so far, the main part of the kid's face (the t-zone) is not defined enough, in other words, too much yoda is showing through. Right click on the kid's layer and select duplicate layer. Ahh, isnít that better?

    Now we are going to merge everything together, but first we want to make backup layers, in case we make a big boo-boo and can't change it for some reason. Right click and select duplicate layer for the yoda layer and one of the kid layers. Then rename them and color code them if you'd like. Now you should have 5 layers.

    Take the backup layers, and put them underneath the other layers and select the eye icon next to them in the layers palette to make them invisible. Now select one of the top three visible layers, and click the little box directly to the right of the visibility box in the other two visible layers. This is the link box. It will make a little chain link when something is linked.
    Then select the arrow in the layers palette and select Merge Linked. You could also have selected Merge Visible, since we are only working with visible layers at this point. Now we have one visible layer.


If you make a mistake and want to undo it quickly, press Control + Z. This will become your best friend.

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