by Mike DiPietro (aka mdipi.com)

This effect will make your text look like it has been 'electrocuted'. This effect can be useful to a client or just to impress your friends. Best of all, this effect is also very easy to make!

[the electrified text]

Creating This Effect
The following steps will help you to create the effect you see above:

  1. Start my pressing the 'd' key to make set your foreground color to black.
  2. Next press the 't' key to add your text. I am using the word Kirupa.com. This effect is best done with BIG text (around 72 or more).
  3. Now, in the first column click the little 'eye', this will hide the layer.
  4. Hold down the 'ctrl' key and click the text layer, this will select everything in that layer. Now click the background layer and go to Edit | Stroke set the width to 8px and the color to black.

[ the stroke pop-up]

  1. This will put an outline around your text. Now press Crtl and D to deselect the text. now go to Filter | Blur| Gaussian Blur. Set it to 6px, this is to get a nice blur. Then click 'OK'. Your text should look like this:
  2. Now that your text is blurred, go to Filter | Render || Difference Clouds. Now press Crtl and I. You will see your text come up in white. Now, to add some more color, press Ctrl and U. Check the colorize box and play around with the sliders until you think it looks good. I set the hue in the 230's to make it look really cool.
  3. Now for the last step, simply click on your text layer to make it seen again, then switch the blend mode from Normal to Overlay, and voila!


Mike DiPietro (aka mdipi.com)



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