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        by Sushisource : 19 July 2004

In the previous page you learned steps i - vi. We'll finish this tutorial and the effect up on this page.

  1. Finally, i think we are finished with the background. Now it's time to start on things that will spice up the image. Select you're background layer (the one without the lines). Now select the polygonal lasso tool by holding down the mouse button over the lasso tool.
    Click somewhere below you're image (the gray area Photoshop uses to represent nothing) then hold SHIFT and click somewhere above the image, do this again and make a parallelogram that looks like this:


[You're selection should look like this (the image is a little grainy though)]

  1. Ok. Now take a big airbrush, size 60-ish. Set it's mode to vivid light and opacity to 32%. Now paint inside you're selection. But don't deselect yet! Go to the menu EDIT>STROKE. Under "Stroke" set width to 1, and color to black. Under "Location" click the center button.

[Now we've got a neat little stripe thingy]

  1. Now, let's learn how to make some more patterns! Make a new image, sized 10X10. Make a new layer and delete the old one. Then make a plus sign that is 2 in width on each segment. That's difficult to explain, so look at this.

[Your pattern image should look like this]

  1. Now define the image as a pattern the same way I told you for the scanlines. Now go ahead and make a selection with the marquee tool that goes across the top of you're image and is wide enough for at least one of those + signs. Then, using the same method you used for the scanlines, fill it with pluses. Now delete any excesses pluses until you have a one-row strip of them going across the top of your image.
    If you think they are ok as black, leave 'em that way. If you want to change their color, hit CTRL+U and move the lightness slider until you get white, or any other shade of gray that you wanted. Then if you want to, you can select the pluses by Holding CTRL and clicking on the layer with the plus signs.

    Once you have them selected, feel free to use the gradient tool with the settings as shown below, and make the gradient by clicking the center of the plus signs, and dragging the line outwards.  Then you're plus signs should look something like below.


[Plus signs]

  1. Now is when you're artistic abilities come into play. I will teach a few more things that trend art images have lot's of, but then it's up to you to USE them and make something.

  2. Crystals - Fun, fun fun. First, as always, MAKE A NEW LAYER. Then make a sharp selection with the polygonal lasso tool of to the side of you're image make it so it has a few "spikes" that point from the side of you're image inwards, but make sure the spikes seemingly start from the "Outside" of you're image. Now fill them with black.
    Then duplicate this layer and, using the arrow keys, move it down and away from the original a few pixels. Next, move this layer BELOW the original one.

  3. Now select the crystals and fill them with a nice, pale color. Then merge the layers by selecting the top one and pressing CTRL+E, then mess around with the opacity a bit, Here is what I got:

[Look! Crystals!]

Whenever working with TrendArt, ALWAYS, ALWAYS. Change layer opacity till you get something you like.
  1. Make a new layer. Now take you're favorite bit of action script or other code and paste it into you're image using use the text tool. Move this layer just above the layer with the scanlines. Then lower it's opacity some too.

  2. Make a new layer. Ok, now use the polygonal lasso while holding SHIFT and make a nice, angular selection off to the side opposite you're crystals and fill it with black. Lower it's opacity until you can see the text behind it. 

  3. Now, use the text tool, set it to white, and make a whole bunch of random letters and signs that vary in size and font. Make the text on top of the new black thing you created, make sure a few of the letters are only partly on the black area.
    When you are done, rasterize all the layers, and merge them. (Rasterize by right clicking on the layer and selecting rasterize). Now select the black area and hit CRTL+I to select it's inverse. Then select the layer with the white text and delete all of the text outside the black area like so:  

  4. Also, i decided to lower the opacity of the scan lines some more here. They weren't looking too great. I also erased them a little with a grunge brush. See Sharif's tutorial to learn how to make one of those.


Sadly my young trend art pupils, I must leave you here. Now you can use you're OWN artistic skill to make something that is cool. If you have any questions, post in the appropriate forum on the kirupaForum!

Spencer Judge



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