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In this tutorial you will be creating a crystallize effect in Photoshop very similar to the one below. This effect is very simple to create and should of take a few minutes at most.

final product of this tutorial

[ The Final Product of this Tutorial ]

Steps to Create Effect
The following steps will help you to create the image effect you see above:

  1. First make a new canvas. I used 300px by 300px for this example but any size will work. The background color or the canvas does not matter so transparent or white will work just fine.
  2. Now we need to set the background and foreground colors to their default setting. They should look like the screen shot below. If they don't just press the "D" button on your keyboard to reset them.  

default colors


  1. Select the gradient tool and in the gradient properties select the bar gradient and check the reverse box as shown below. The reverse box reverses the order of the colors in the gradient.  

gradient tool properties


  1. Now create a gradient by clicking somewhere in the middle of the canvas and drag out to either the left or right edge and release.

  1. Now bring on the effects! Go to Filter > Pixelate > Crystallize and set your cell size to 99.

crystallize effect

  1. Now we need to plastic wrap it. Go to Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap and use these settings.

plastic wrap settings

  1. Almost done, add a new layer then use the paint bucket tool to make the whole layer the color #3388FF.

picture of the layers


  1. Finally go to the layer blending options and select Soft Light.

layer blend options

That's it! Easy yet very cool. If you like continue to experiment with the effect. Use different gradients, different settings for the crystallize and plastic wrap effect, even different layer blends and see what you can come up with.

If you need any help, please post in the Drawing and Design forums.

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