Creating Cool Footers - Page 2
       by Ben Watson aka B3Nkobe  |  22 November 2005

In the previous page, we created a basic shell of our footer. In this page, I'll take you a bit closer to creating a cool footer.

Step 5
You might think it’s looking a bit dull still, so we will jazz it up with a nice gloss. Create a new layer under the 2 stroke layers but above the green background layer, so in between both.

Select the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” from the Tool Bar (Keyboard Shortcut: M)Use the Marquee tool & select the top half of our footer as done in the image below:

Now continue on to fill this selection with a white fill #FFFFFF & then change the opacity to ‘15%’, this will give it the nice glossy feel/look, example below:


Step 6
We will now add the 3 different colored bars that are aligned to the left of the footer. These not only help the footer stand out more but give it a much better appeal than just having a plain green background.

Like in step 5 we will use the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” from the Tool Bar (Keyboard Shortcut: M). Use the Marquee tool & select a diagonal line such as the one in the example below:

Fill the marquee with a nice orange color, # F7AB19, this will mix well with the green. We now want another 2 of these bars, so duplicate the layer twice (Refer to Step 3 for duplicating layers). Once you have duplicated them align them all up next to each other, side by side, examples below:

We now want to change the colors of the 2 duplicated bar layers. For the first duplicated layer, right click the layer, select ‘Blending Options’ then select ‘Color Overlay’. Change the first bar to #FF0000 & the second bar to #009CFF. Once that is done align them to left & finally step 6 is complete!

You are almost done! On the next page, I will show how you can add some finishing touches to make a better footer!

Onwards to the next page!

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