Flash 5 Basic Tutorials
Learn the how to use Macromedia Flash by following the tutorials listed below. These tutorials are great to help you become familiar with the great program known as Flash.
  • Publish Flash Animations
    Learn how to make your Flash animations work on your Web site by having to use little or no knowledge of HTML. 
  • Buttons (Rollovers)
    Learn how to create buttons and customize them to change color when the visitor/user moves the mouse over them. 
  • Linking a Button
    Learn how to make a button link to other Web pages by following the information found in this tutorial.
  • Load Movies
    Learn how to load a SWF animation from a remote location onto your animation.  
  • Anti-Aliasing
    Find out how Flash 5 uses Anti-Aliasing in your animations to improve the look of them.  
  • Hyperlinking
    Learn the easy way of simply hyperlinking text to a page in Flash.   
  • Naming Movies
    Discover how to name your Flash 5 Movie Instances so you can use them in advanced scripting techniques.  
  • Gradient Fills
    Learn how to create combinations of colors in Flash 5 easily using Gradients.  


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