Hitchhiker's Guide to the Forums
       by kirupa : 18 June 2006

While tutorials and articles make up a good portion of the information found in this site, there is a more dynamic side that you may have been unaware of. That would be the online web-forum (kirupaForum) where individuals can post and receive answers to technical questions, participate in design "battles", or just relax and have fun communicating with the thousands of members from around the world who make use of the forums on a regular basis.

The series of articles on this page were written primarily to place a lot of the forum's oft-asked general questions and features into a more readily accessible form with images and explanations from someone who uses the forums a little too much!

Since this article covers a lot of material that may not be useful to all users, I have divided the information into categories.


Alright - sit back and relax....while you manually click through all of the above pages and learn this information. The movie version of these guidelines is in the works (possibly directed by Uwe Boll), so stay tuned for that.

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