Building a Simple Windows Phone App - Page 2
       by kirupa  |  10 May 2010

In the previous page, you read a long-winded intro and got your project up off the ground. In this page, let's add a rectangle and customize how it looks a bit.

Drawing the Rectangle
What we want to do is draw is a 150 by 150 pixel rectangle in the center of our ContentGrid layout panel. In your Objects and Timeline panel, select the ContentGrid panel:

[ make sure the ContentGrid panel is selected ]

When a layout panel such as ContentGrid is selected, any element you want to automatically add to your application will be placed there.

Now, from your Tools panel, make sure the Rectangle tool is displayed:

[ ensure your Rectangle tool is readily visible in the Tools panel ]

When the Rectangle tool is displayed (which it will be by default actually), double-click on it to insert a rectangle with a default size. A rectangle will magically appear in the top-left corner of your ContentGrid:

[ a rectangle will be added with default properties ]

There are a few modifications that we need to make. Let's tackle the easiest one first - centering it.

Centering the Rectangle
Make sure this rectangle is selected, and take a gander over at the Layout category in the Properties Inspector. Find the properties HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment:

[ the two alignment properties can change where your rectangle is laid out ]

For both HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment, click on the Center buttons:

[ center your rectangle by hitting the Center buttons ]

Once you have done this, you will find your rectangle centered inside your ContentGrid. Centering is one of the changes we want to do. The next change is making our rectangle larger.

Making the Rectangle Larger
You can resize using the adorners on your artboard, or you can resize by setting an explicit Width and Height in the Layout category. Since we are already in the Layout category, enter 150 into both the Width and Height categories:

[ set the Width and Height properties to 150 ]

Your rectangle will now be a bit larger - by 50% on each side to be exact. If you want to see more of my awesome calculator skills, the total number of pixels in your rectangle increased by 125%.

Giving your Rectangle Rounded Corners
Rounded everything is all of the rage these days, and your rectangle is currently a square. To make your rectangle rounded, make sure your rectangle is selected, and look at the rounded corner adorners you see on the artboard towards the top-left corner of your rectangle:

[ can you see the adorners? ]

Click and drag one of the two adorners to round the corners of your rectangle:

[ drag the adorners to adjust the roudnedness of the rectangle ]

Feel free to stop once you feel your rectangles have gotten rounded enough. If you aren't a big fan of the artboard (or you want more precision), you can set the roundedness of your rectangle by adjusting the RadiusX and RadiusY properties found in the Appearance category:

[ the roundedness can also be set via the RadiusX and RadiusY properties ]

Ok, you are almost done making changes to your rectangle. The last thing remaining is to change its color.

Changing the Rectangle Color
Currently, our rectangle is a plain white color. Let's make things a bit more exciting by changing the color to something else. To change the color of your rectangle, take a look in your Brushes category in the Properties Inspector:

[ the Brushes category contains many color-related properties ]

The Fill property, which is selected by default, determines the inner color of your rectangle. Click and drag around in the colored area in the Editor tab to pick the color that you want.

I am going to go with a bright Yellow color, but you should feel free to use any color that you want:

[ Yellow provides a nice contrast with the dark background ]

As you are playing with the color, you will notice that your rectangle's color automatically changes to display your latest choice:

[ the rectangle's color is automatically made yellow as well ]

Ok, we have just created our rectangle and tweaked it a bit to look nicer than what you get by default.

Coming up, on the next page, let's make this rectangle draggable!

Onwards to the next page!

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