Creating a Simple ASP.NET Application - Page 3
       by kirupa  |  30 July 2006

In the previous page, you inserted and customized a label component. In this page, we will move away from the Design view and look at writing some code.

  1. Now that we changed the ID value for our Label, we are ready to add the line of code necessary for displaying "hello, world" on the page. In the Solution Explorer panel, make sure that the Default.aspx node is expanded to display Default.aspx.cs:

[ ensure the Default.aspx node is expanded ]

  1. Double-click on the Default.aspx.cs file in your Solution Explorer. You should now be seeing the Code that goes in the Default.aspx.cs file:

[ the code in your Default.aspx.cs file ]

  1. Find the block of code where the Page_Load event is declared. Start typing the following darkened line to that code block:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

      lbl_HelloWorld.Text =
"hello, world"

Notice that the Inline AutoComplete feature of Visual Studio/Visual Web Developer reduces the amount of typing that you do:

[ the Inline AutoComplete feature at work ]

  1. Your entire section of code should be similar to the following:

You are almost at the home stretch. In the next page, you will learn how to test and deploy your ASP.NET application.

Onwards to the next page!

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