Creating a Simple ASP.NET Application - Page 2
       by kirupa  |  30 July 2006

In the previous page, you learned how to set up your project. In this page, we will start to create something that will get us closer towards the goal of creating an application.

  1. The Design View allows you to add content in much the same way you would in a program such as Word or Notepad. Our Label object can be found in the Toolbox. To display the Toolbox, you can either go to View | Toolbox or hover over the Toolbox tab on the left side of your Editor window:

[ display the Toolbox by either using the View menu or the Toolbox tab ]

  1. From your Toolbox, double-click on the Label component. Click the X on the top-right of the Toolbox menu to hide it. You should now see a Label component displayed on your page:

[ double-click on the Label component from the Toolbox ]

  1. Make sure your Label component is selected with your mouse cursor. With the component selected, let's change the font style of the component using the Formatting Toolbar:

[ you will use the Formatting Toolbar to change the font style ]

Change the Font to Arial, set the Font Size to 48, and change the Foreground Color to a Blue-ish shade. Your Label component should now look similar to the following image:

[ how your Label text should look like now ]

  1. So, we now customized the visible properties of our Label. We now need to get ready to change its text to say "hello, world". We will do that on the server-side, but we need to check on a few things first. With your Label selected, go to View | Properties. The Properties panel should display:

[ the Properties panel ]

  1. Scroll up in your Properties panel until you hit the (ID) value. The Label's (ID) value is Label1:

[ the (ID) value of our Label component is Label1 ]

Select the Label1 property and change it to lbl_HelloWorld:

[ change our Label's (ID) value to lbl_HelloWorld ]

Adding the label is only one-half of the solution. In the next page, I will explain how to add some code that will interact with this label.

Onwards to the next page!

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