Simple Custom Scrollbar - Page 2
       by kirupa  |  19 January 2006

In the previous page, you masked the content so that your users do not see everything at once. In this page, you will create the scrollbar and related accessories that will allow you to scroll through the content easily.

Let's pick up from where we left off:

  1. Create a new layer and call it scrolltrack. Ensure that you have selected this layer.
  2. Draw a tall rectangle without a border. For the fill color, give it any lightly-colored background. To be more accurate with the size, let's enter the width, height, and x/y offsets using the Properties panel.

    Select your newly drawn rectangle and enter the following values into your Properties panel:
  1. Width: 20
  2. Height: 160
  3. X: 280
  4. Y: 0

Your rectangle should now be placed on the right side of your movie:

[ your rectangle is located on the right side of your movie ]

  1. Select your rectangle again. Press F8 (Modify | Convert to Symbol). The Convert to Symbol dialog window should appear. Give it the name scrolltrack, select the option for Movie Clip, and then press OK:

[ convert your rectangle to movie clip ]

  1. With your rectangle now a movie clip, let's give it an instance name. Select the scrolltrack movie clip (formerly the tall rectangle) and give it the instance name scrollTrack from the Properties panel

[ give your newly converted movie clip the instance name scrollTrack ]

  1. Let's add our scrollFace (the thing you click and drag) now. Create a new layer, and give it the name scrollface.
  2. With your scrollface layer selected, draw a small rectangle on your stage. Give it a darker fill color than your scrollTrack rectangle. Select your rectangle, and in the Properties panel, enter the following values:
  1. Width: 20
  2. Height: 40
  3. X: 280
  4. Y: 100

Your rectangle should look similar to the following:

[ the rectangle that will eventually become your scroll face ]

  1. Let's now turn the square into a movieclip. Select the square, press F8 or go to Modify | Convert to Symbol. Give it a name such as scrollface, select the option for Movie Clip, and press OK.
  2. Now, select your rectangle (now a movie clip), and give it the instance name scrollFace:

[ give the scrollface movie clip the instance name scrollFace ]

On the next page, let's add our up and down buttons and add our code!

Onwards to the next page!

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