Introduction to Sample Data - Page 4
       by kirupa  |  3 May 2010

In the previous page, you learned how to use the Data panel to change the property type for a given Property that defines your Sample Data. We still have some more work left before calling it a day though.

If you take a look at the ListBox example I showed you earlier, there are three distinct pieces of data that are being visualized:

[ what we want our sample data to look like eventually ]

You have the two pieces of text - some Lorem Ipsum text and the price. We you see currently was covered with the changes you made in the previous pages. The missing piece is the image, and that is what you will add in this page.

Adding a Property
To display an image, you will need to add a new property to our sample data Collection whose Type is Image. Adding a property is actually quite simple! In your Data panel, click on the plus icon found to the right of your Collection row:

[ click on the plus icon found to the right of the Collection row ]

When you click on the plus button, a simple property called Property3 will be created for you:

[ you will see a new property created for you called Property3 ]

Because we want to display some images, we need to change the property type for Property3 to Image. You can change a property's settings just like you did earlier by clicking on the icon found to the right of the Property3. From the menu that appears, select Image from the Type drop-down:

[ change the Type of your property to Image ]

Once you change that property's Type to Image, click away to accept the changes. Don't worry that the Location field was kept empty. Some default images will be automatically used for you.

As you saw in the previous page, simply making changes to your sample data will not actually do anything to your ListBox. You will need to apply this new version by dragging and dropping the Collection field onto your ListBox just like you did earlier.

After you apply your revised sample data Collection, your ListBox will look as follows:

[ notice that some sample images are displayed now ]

With that change, you are finished making tweaks to your Sample Data and, as a result, what is displayed in your ListBox. The contents of your ListBox may not look as stylized as my version, but that requires just modifying your ListBox's ItemTemplate. Explaining how to style in detail goes beyond the scope of this tutorial, so I won't be describing it here.

In the next page, let's take another step back and learn how the sample data values actually get displayed before wrapping everything up!

Onwards to the next page!

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