Using ClickOnce to Deploy .NET Apps - Page 1
       by kirupa  |  23 September 2006

Writing and testing an application is often only one part of creating software. The major, and in my opinion, the most important part is deploying the software. How easy is it for your users to be able to install and run your application?

Before I begin, let me provide you with a demo. Click on the following screenshot to download and install a small application (if you are using Firefox, download the file and run it manually):

[ an example of how the application looks in Vista ]

[ click on the above image and follow the prompts to install this small demo application ]

After installing this, you can access this program directly from your Start menu:

[ your application automatically adds itself to the Start Menu ]

Finally, you can also uninstall this program easily from your Add/Remove Control Panel applet:

[ uninstallation can be done via the Add/Remove Programs applet ]

As you can see, it is very easy to deploy your .NET applications over the web, provide users easy access to your program, and allow for straightforward uninstallation. In the next few pages, I will explain how to use the ClickOnce technology to easily get a simple application into users' hands! All they need is an OS capable of supporting the .NET Framework 2.0.

In this tutorial, I will first explain how to create a simple application and deploy it on the web. After getting your feet wet with ClickOnce, I will cover some of the more interesting features that you may find valuable.

Onwards to the next page!

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