ActionScript 2.0 OOP
         by senocular  

Here we are going to cover Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Flash 7 with ActionScript 2.0, a new form of ActionScript introduced in Flash MX 2004. With any luck you've already gone through the sections covering OOP with ActionScript 1.0. Much of the following will be based off of that foundation, though it is not all necessary to know in order to continue.

Here is an outline of all the sections covered. If you're completely new to this, your best bet is to start from the beginning and just plow through the whole thing in one sitting. Enjoy.

Changes & Additions
- Overview
- New in Flash 7
- Strict Data Typing
- ActionScript Compiler

Class Structure 2.0
- Introduction
- New Class Syntax
- Properties and Methods
- Static
- Private and Public
- Get and Set
- Dynamic Classes
- Intrinsic Classes

- Introduction
- Extends
- Super

Event Handling
Class File Management
- Introduction
- The Classpath
- Packages
- Import
ASO files


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