by Sam Bourim aka RussianBeer

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Okay now with the fun stuff:

  1. On your Toolbar click the Layout tab.
  2. Then click Layout View button.
  3. Now click the Draw Layout Table button, and draw out a table, of just about any proportion, it doesnít really matter:

[ the draw layout table button ]

  1. Then at the bottom of the screen in the Property panel find Width and Height and enter 600 for width and 400 for height:

[ the property panel for your table ]


Now, with the table drawn, we can add places we will type and add a navigation bar and so on, first itís a good idea to make space for them that way nothing will get in each otherís way. Another thing to realize is that most of the pages will be closely the same, so there is no point in creating everything all over again for each page so we will create a template. If your lost so far, donít worry I will explain later.

Continuing on:

  1. Now select the rectangle you just created, and again in the Properties Panel enter Width: 600 and Height: 50
  2. Now create in the same fashion another rectangle, right below the first on, again using the Draw Layout Cell button.
  3. With that done, select the rectangle you just created, and again in the Properties Panel enter Width: 600 and Height: 22.
  4. And finally create another rectangle, but so it fits the rest of the Layout table, and then save your work! Save it as Rainbow.htm (File | Save).

So far your work should look something like the following image:

[ your table layout: zoomed out in this graphic ]


Part III
With your layout looking somewhat similar to the above graphic, I guess it is safe to continue:

  1. Now in your Layout Tab, in your Toolbar, click Standard View. It is time to add some buttons for the navigational bar!
  2. Click the middle cell of your table (the thin one you made earlier), and then click Insert | Interactive Images | Flash Button.
  3. In the Button Text, text field enter Weapons, And in the link text field enter weapons.htm. Finally, select the Beveled Rect-Blue button and click ďOKĒ

[ the Insert Flash Button dialog box ]

There you should have inserted in the middle frame a Flash button, the link does not work yet, but we will fix this in a later time.

  1. Repeat the process for Tactics, Team, Equipment and Contact buttons,
    Making sure the text for each is different though. For example, the next button will have Tactics in the button text field, and tactics.htm as the link.
  2. You should end up with something looking like this, and the order is not important:

[ how your buttons should look ]

  1. Select all the buttons, either by dragging over the buttons, like you would select a text, or by clicking each one while holding shift.
  2. Now if you look down, in the Property Inspector, under cell, you can see there is part where its written Horz. and the Default is selected, click it, and select Center:

[ select Center ]

Now all your buttons should have shifted, and aligned in the middle.

  1. Click on the top Cell, in your table. Then select Insert | Image and locate title.gif that I pre-made, or you can yourself create a title, just as long as the final product is only 600x50 pixels.

    DreamWeaver might prompt you to see if you want the image copied to where the web page is, click okay, and save it.

We are almost done, but not quite! The next page will go into further details that involve images, colors, and styles!

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