Creating a Wooden Frame
       by Maulik Kataria aka theflash  |  6 July 2006

In the previous page, you added a wooden texture. We'll wrap up this tutorial by looking at some effects you can add using filters.

Add Effects Using Filters
First we need some 3D bevel effect. For that we are going to use Bevel Filter. Now quit the edit mode of our frame movieclip and select the Frame movieclip itself on the stage. Select the filter tab in the property panel and click the little ‘+’ icon to see the list of filters. Select Bevel Filter and modify the parameters as shown below:

As you can see that we have changed Shadow and Highlight colors to dark and light brown colors from black and white. This will give more realistic tones to the lighting.

The above settings will give us the following result:

Now we want to make it look old so we need to reduce its brightness. For achieving this we will use Adjust Color. So again click the little + icon and click Adjust Color. You will see this effect in the active list below Bevel filter. Edit the parameters as shown below:

This will give the following result:

Now we are going to add the final effect for more detail. As you can see, our lighting source direction is on left top side. So if this frame is hung on wall, the top and the left sides of the frame will cast shadows on the inside of the frame and the bottom and the right sides of the frame will cast shadows on outside of the frame. For this we will use Drop Shadow filter from ‘+’ icon.

Configure this filter as shown below:

Following is the output after applying Drop Shadow filter. Tada…

Now your frame is ready for use. Add some background below this frame and your frame will be complete. I had used a Photoshop pattern as a background.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. See ya then. If you have any questions, feel free to post on the forums.



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