Creating a Simple Flash 8 Animation - Page 3
       by kirupa  |  29 September 2005

We now have a simple animation, but it starts and ends abruptly. We will fix that in this page, and since you have some practice with working with your timeline, I will proceed a little faster in covering techniques:

  1. In your timeline, insert a keyframe in Frame 20 for all of the letters. You can do that by simply clicking on Frame 20, dragging your mouse down, right clicking on the selected column of frames, and choosing "Insert Keyframe".
    After you have done that, you will notice that your newly inserted keyframes are automatically a part of your motion tween:

[ your timeline after inserting a keyframe on Frame 20 ]

  1. I know this seems repetitive, but insert another layer of keyframes for all of the letters in Frame 30. Here is why this is being done. The first ten frames will fade your letters in, the second ten frames will display your letters, and the third section of ten frames will fade your letters out.

    Your timeline after having added the third layer of keyframes should look like the following image:

[ how your timeline should look now ]

  1. So...let's add more keyframes. No, I'm just joking! We are done adding keyframes. Make sure your timeline slider is on Frame 30. If you look at your stage, you will see all of your letters neatly arranged.

    Similar to what you did for Frame 1, move all of the letters around your stage. Here is how my letters look on Frame 30:

[ letter arrangement on Frame 30 ]

  1. Let's preview our animation so far. Instead of previewing the animation in a browser, let's preview it from within Flash. Click anywhere in Frame 1 and  press Enter, and you will see how your animation looks from within Flash itself. Looks pretty neat, doesn't it?
  2. There is still some further refinements we can do. A fade-in and fade-out similar to my animation you saw on the first page of this tutorial would be really nice.

    Click anywhere on Frame 1. Select all of your letters on the stage. Once you have selected all of your letters, look down at your Properties panel. Click on the drop-down menu labeled Color: and select the item for Alpha:

[ select the item for Alpha from the Color drop-down menu ]

  1. Once you have selected the Alpha menu-item, you should see another text-field appear on the right with a number. Enter a value of 0

[ enter a value of 0 in the text field to the right of the Alpha selection ]

  1. Let us repeat the above few steps for Frame 30. Click on Frame 30 in your timeline, select all of the letters on your stage, change the value of Alpha from the Properties Panel to 0. This is just what you did to the letters on Frame 1, with the only difference being you are on Frame 30 now.
  2. Let's preview our animation again. Instead of testing in our browser or from within our timeline, let's test in the Flash player. Press Ctrl + Enter or go to Control | Test Movie.
    The Flash Player appears with a preview of your animation. Notice that our text fades in and fades out thanks to the Alpha modifications we made from this page.

The last thing we need to do is add a drop shadow to our letters. Let's do that on the next page.

Onwards to the next page!

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