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       by Sharif Karim aka REEF  |  7 July 2006

Many people have had a few problems understanding the shine effect in our previous tutorial. Therefore, this one is designed so you should have no problems. Simply put, a shine effect is a glare, or a "glint" if you will, on a particular shape. It gives the illusion that a part of an image or any other medium you use is glaring from light.

[ press the phone and watch the screen ]

In this tutorial, you will learn to the create the above glint effect. The following steps should help you!

Here's How Its Done:

  1. Start a new Flash document and use a background color that will make the shine noticeable to the eyes. In other words, preferably something dark would work better. Adjust your stage and frame rate as you wish.
  2. On your first layer, import (Ctrl+R) an image you'd like to apply the shine effect to. Lock your "Image" layer. 

    The Image Layer

    [ I'll be using a cell phone image ]

  3. You'll have to decide whether you plan to add this shine effect to the whole image or just a part of it. For this tutorial, I chose to import a cell phone, and I have chosen to shine only the screen.

    Let's say you choose to shine a part of the image. The next step is to make a special gradient. Create a new layer and make a rectangle with only a fill about two times bigger than the part of the image like so:  

    The Rectangle

[ draw a solid rectangle that is twice the size of the shine effect ]

There is more explaining that needs to be done, so onwards to the next page!

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