Gradient Art - Page 2
       by Maulik  |  10 February 2006

Now, similar to how you created a shape in the previous page, create another shape (or as many as you want). I created second shape that looks similar to the shape I drew earlier.

Right now, the gradients are moving horizontally. You can tell by the vertical bands in the above image. By playing with the Gradient Transform Tool, I was able to create a more obvious fading effect by rotating the gradient and shrinking the spread:

Now draw a shape like what is shown below using the rectangle, pen tool, line tool, or whatever you find easier. What we are trying to do is create an outline to enclose a odd curved shape.

With that done, select the inside of the shape. You will find that your selection area is the same as that of the area enclosed by the outline shape you just created. Let's create another gradient; except this time, we will be using three colors.

The following image should help:

The selected area should now have the gradient applied to it. If it doesn't, use the Fill Tool to set it in. If you step back and look at your image, it should have a gradient effect similar to the image you saw on the first page:


In order to create more realistic gradients, you will need to look outside of Flash and into a program such as Photoshop. Some of the built-in effects make creating the above image a snap.

I hope the tutorial helped. If you have questions, post them on the Forums.

Best Wishes,



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