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       by kirupa  |  7 November 2008

In Silverlight you can create animations using just XAML, or you can create animations entirely using just C# code. What you can also do is mix and match an animation where part of it lives in XAML and another part lives inside your code. This blending allows you to create interactive animations that you simply would not have been able to do otherwise using just XAML or as easily using just code.

This tutorial will show you how to take a XAML animation and modify its properties using C# to create something pretty cool. By the end of this tutorial, you will have created something similar to the following animation:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

[ click on the Randomize Color button to see what happens! ]

When you click on the Randomize Color button, notice that a small animation plays where the colors of your background are made different. Keep clicking this button to see different colors appear each time.

Getting Started with Silverlight 2

This article discusses how to create applications using Silverlight 2. If you do not know how to get started, the Getting Started Page should help you get setup for Silverlight design and development.

Let's Get Started
First, to save you some time, I have already created a basic project that provides you with the UI and a basic animation. Download this project from the following link:

Download Initial Source

Extract the files from this newly downloaded project and open the solution in Expression Blend. When you open this project in Expression Blend, you will see something that resembles what you saw earlier:

[ a basic UI should be visible on the artboard ]

When you hit F5 and run this application, notice what happens when you click on the Randomize Color button. Just like what you saw earlier, the background color changes a bit. The difference this time around is what happens when you keep clicking on the Randomize Color button. Nothing happens any more. The first click played the animation, but the subsequent clicks do absolutely nothing.

Great - this is all part of the plan! The application you currently have open in Blend basically contains just a single animation and some code on the button to play the animation when pressed. In the following pages, you will learn more about this animation and how to write code to modify the colors that your animation changes..

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