Techniques - Linear Gradient Fill
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Method the Second: The Linear Gradient Fill

  1. First, ensure that your Color Mixer Panel is displayed. To ensure that it is, go to Window | Design Panels | Color Mixer. Make sure there is a checkmark next to the Color Mixer option.

    Your Color Mixer panel should look similar to the following image:

[ the Color Mixer panel ]

  1. Once you have found your Color Mixer panel, click the drop-down menu in the panel and select Linear:

[ select Linear ]

  1. After you have selected Linear, pick a different color from the color chooser to the left or your Linear drop-down menu.
  2. Now that you have a new color picked, click anywhere in the wide gradient color bar directly below the Linear drop-down menu. Notice that the old color and the new color you picked gradually blend into each other as you move from left to right:

[ notice the changes in your color ]

  1. I am sure you would rather see these colors on the rectangle you drew in the previous page. Click the Paint Bucket tool and click on your rectangle.
    You will find that your rectangle's colors now gradually shift with the colors you specified in your the gradient mixer in the Color Mixer panel.
  2. To change the color, simply select the appropriate slider and change the color from the color (Fill Color) picker. You can also add a new color to your existing two colors by clicking anywhere in your gradient rectangle:

[ you can easily add more colors ]

  1. To remove colors you have added, simply click on the color slider you want removed and drag the mouse pointer down. You are basically plucking the color you do not want from the rest of the colors.

You do not have to click the Paint Bucket tool and then click on your object each time you make a modification. Similar to the regular Fill, you can simply select your object with your mouse cursor and make any changes you want in the Color Mixer. You will find that any changes you make are immediately updated in your object.

Let's learn about some the more illustrious fill styles - onward to the next page!

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