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Close your eyes and imagine a world filled with nothing but outlines and sketch marks. That is how a world without fills would look. Now that the obligatory interesting introductory sentence is complete, let's deal with more important issues.

The following animation highlights the various fills that you will learn in this tutorial:

[ each number represents a fill variation ]

Since there are about five major fill methods, this tutorial will spend a short period of time covering each method. In order to liven up this otherwise dry tutorial, all the sections will be titled similarly to chapter names in Charles Dickens' books.

Method the First: The Fill

  1. First, create a new document. Draw a rectangle in your work area. The dimensions of your rectangle are not important, but make sure the rectangle is large enough so you can see what you are doing.
  2. Now, once the rectangle has been drawn, click the Paint Bucket tool:

[ click the Paint Bucket tool ]

  1. Once you have clicked the Paint Bucket tool icon, look a few inches below that icon to find the section on your right marked "Color." You should see two icons. We are primarily interested in the second icon, the Fill Color icon. Click that icon:

[ the Fill Color icon]

  1. After you have clicked the Fill Color icon, a sub-menu will appear with a lot of colors for you to choose. Select a color that you like. After you have selected your color, click anywhere in the rectangle you drew:

[ notice that your mouse cursor changes to the Fill Color icon ]

  1. To change your color, you can easily repeat the above steps. The following Tip provides two additional, slightly easier methods of changing the fill color.
 Two Random Fill Tips
  1. You don't have to use the Fill Bucket tool to change the fill color. For example, click the Arrow Selection icon - the first icon in the top of your toolbox. Your mouse cursor is just a simple arrow.
    Now, select your rectangle. Click on the Fill Color icon and select a color. Notice that the rectangle's color just changed to what you selected.
  2. The Fill Color icon is not located only on the left side below the tool box. It is located in at least two other areas:
    1. The Rectangle's Properties panel:

[ the fill color icon in the properties panel ]

  1. The Color Mixer Panel:

[ the fill color icon in the color mixer panel ]

You just learned the first and most basic fill method. There are four more fill methods that you will need to learn, and those methods will be covered in the next few pages. Don't worry, I will not be as verbose when covering the other fill methods.

This page is your intro to the world of Fills - from here on out, you should try familiarize yourself with the location of the Color Fill icon, Paint Bucket icon, and any other things that may have seemed confusing to you in this tutorial.

Let's learn about some other fill styles - onwards to the next page!


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