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HTML5 Canvas

From Noob to Ninja

When it comes to creating sweet visualizations, games, and animations in your browser, you need to learn how to work with the canvas. This book is for you!

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More About This Book

This book will make you laugh. It will make you cry (from all the laughing)! More importantly, it will teach you important canvas-related concepts using a lot of cool visuals, human-understandable text, and sweet bite-sized examples.

All of this is spread out across 22 action-packed chapters that cover some of the following topics:

  • DOM vs. Canvas
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Working with Colors
  • Creating Animations
  • Moving Shapes Using the Mouse
  • Dealing with the Keyboard
  • Displaying Motion Trails
  • Tips on Structuring Your Code

Best of all, you get all of this in both paperback as well as Kindle editions:

What makes this even sweeter is this: If you purchase the paperback edition from Amazon.com, the Kindle version is made available to you at no charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy this book when a bunch of this content is available for free...on this site?

Reading things in a browser isn't always convenient. There is something nice about holding and smelling a physical book. They make great paperweights, and (should the need arise) an even greater entry-level melee weapon.

Also, have you noticed this site doesn't have any ads? The way this site makes money is through book sales. Every book you buy helps support my goal of creating high-quality educational content for free.

I have some technical questions. Can I e-mail you directly? Will you respond?

Absolutely. My e-mail address is [email protected], though I would prefer you post on the forums instead: http://forum.kirupa.com. Posting publicly on the forums helps ensure others who have your same issue can benefit from the discussion and answers there!

Should I get the Paperback or Kindle edition?

If both editions are available in your country, you should definitely get the paperback edition via Amazon. The way things are setup, you should get the Kindle version for free if you purchase the paperback edition. That's like two books for the price of one :P


All silliness aside, I think you'll really enjoy this book and all the material it has for helping you learn how to work with the canvas. This isn't your grandparents' book about the canvas that weighs a ton and contains a bunch of useless stuff that you can just find on Google or StackOverflow. Nope! This book is about taking the hard parts about the canvas and explaining it in a casual way that makes sense. At least, I certainly think so :P

Kirupa Chinnathambi
I like to talk a lot - A WHOLE LOT. When I'm not talking, I've been known to write the occassional English word. You can learn more about me by going here.

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