3D in Flash MX Rollovers
      by Iammontoya

Here's a very basic tutorial for using Swift3d v.2 with Flash. This is the tutorial I wish I had, and I simply could not find anywhere. Hope it helps you build some neat effects. This tutorial assumes a very basic working knowledge of Swift and Flash. I will be using FlashMX, but the concepts are the same for Flash5.

Let's Get Started!
Roll over the animation below. This is what we're shooting for.. pretty cool for your first one!


[ rollover the above animation to see a cool effect ]

First, we will create our animation in Swift3d v.2.

  1. Open Swift 3D
  2. Click on Create Sphere. This will create a sphere (yeah, that's right!) with a radius of 0.500, longitude 16, latitude 16.

[ the create sphere button ]

  1. Hold Right-Click and drag down in the Front-Active view so you can zoom out and see more of the workspace.
  2. Click on Create Torus.  You wont see anything on your view yet because the Torus is too small and in the wrong position right now. Let's fix it!

[ the create torus button ]

  1. Change Minor Radius to 0.600, and change Major Radius to 0.800:

You can do this by typing in the values in the box, or using the interface to the right of the box that holds the values. (they look like tiny triangles. One increases value, one decreases value)

Let's add some color.

  1. Click on the Glossy Colors tab to select it.

[ the colors you can select under the glossy color tab ]

  1. Select the color value of your choice (I chose Blue). Click and Drag the color on to the "ring" (the Torus shape).
  2. Add color to the sphere the same way you did in step 7. Save your work

This is a good stopping point, because it will give us a chance to save our work so far and export it as an illustrator file. This is just the format I prefer to use. This file will provide the "up" state for your button. "Up-state" is the way the button looks when users hit your page for the first time.

  1. Select the Preview and Export Editor tab:

[ the preview and export editor tab on the top-right ]

  1. In the "Output Options" section, select General. Under Target Type, choose Adobe Illustrator (AI):

[ customizing the output options ]

  1. Click on "Fill Options" and select Cartoon Full Color Fill.

[ modifying fill options ]

  1. In the Render Preview Area, click on Generate Current Frame. WooHoo! No big deal.. but we need this piece. We will import into Flash later.
  2. In the Export To File area, click on Export Current Frame...
  3. Give your file a name and click on Save. I called my file Hoop.ai.

[ the export vector file dialog box ]

Take a quick break, relax! Click the Next Page link to view the next page of the tutorial:




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