Preloader With Percentage
         by Tom aka Novatake

Many people want preloaders to make there movies run more smoothly, but it is quite hard to find a piece of code which will display Percentage loaded section as well. That is where this tutorial comes in. With the use of just one component you will create the loader below:

[ You will create the preloader ]

Steps to Create Percentage Preloader
The following steps will help you to create the animation you see above:

Click here To download the Source file. you will add the loader to your own movie not make the above movie.

  1. Once you have opened the source file you will see the timeline looks like this:


[ your timeline ]

  1. Open up your original animation and move the animation over 1 frame and insert a new layer called Preloader. You will have two movies open in Flash: the source file and the original file (the animation you want to add the preloader to).
  2. Go back to the source file (which you downloaded) and right click on the filled keyframe and choose copy frame.
  3. On your original movie in the 1st frame of the preloader layer right click and choose paste frame. You should notice a small white circle appears on the stage move that to the centre and that is your preloader
  4. Insert a blank keyframe on frame 2 of the preloader layer
  5. Press ctrl+enter twice to play the entire movie

To edit the preloader click on the circle and go to properties scroll down and you will see you can have kilobytes percentage or both.

Hope this is helpful.



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