News Flasher
         by Eberth

In this tutorial , you will learn how to use the component " Headlab News Flasher V1.1.2. Its quite simple, download the extension from the site by clicking here.

And in a few minutes you will do something like this:

[Editing a txt file you can update it easily]

Steps to Create the News Flasher
The following steps will help you to create the animation you see above:

  1. Create a dynamic textfield and give it an Instance name, label it myText.
  2. Align to center the textfield ( so the text loaded into it will be centered).
  3. Select Apply HTML tags.
  4. Then, drag and drop the component into the textfield
  1. Now, modify the component parameters and publish your movie.
  2. Open notepad and use this format to add news:

content=<p align="center"><b>HEADLAB NEWSFLASHER V1.1.2</b></p>
|<p align="center"><b>NEW:</b><u> HTML Support!!!!</u></p>
|<p align="center"><u><a href="" target="_blank">You can add Hyperlinks</a></u></p>
|<p align="center">Get <b>up to date with</b> this Shortnews-flasher</p align="center">distribute and read news just like ..</p>
|<p align="center">Kirupa, the best flash learning source!!</p>
|<p align="center">Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX Arrived!!
|<p align="center"><b>No news today :P </b> </p>
|<p align="center">Windows XP Media Center Edition Anounced </p>
|<p align="center">or whatever you desire</p>
|<p align="center">simply place a *.txt-file somewhere..</p>
|<p align="center">..and set the "Pathto.txt".</p>
|<p align="center">Just try it!!!!!..</p>
|<p align="center">If you want do add more news</p>
|<p align="center">Just edit the txt :D </p>
|<p align="center">Thanks Headlab!!</p>

  • You can add Hyperlinks , and remember, separate the news with the " | "
  • here´s an explanation of the values you can modify in your component by clicking on it:

-- PATH TO TXT: 'set a path to your external TXT'
the TXT must look like this:
&content=text no 1 here|text no2 here|text no 3 here&
the amount of your text is dynamically handled.
-- xANIMATION ON/OFF : turn ON horizontal Movement is true
-- yANIMATION ON/OFF : turn ON vertical Movement is true
-- AlphaANIMATION ON/OFF: Turn Alpha-Blend on is true
-- XWIDTH OF ANIMATION: 'Choose a width of your horizontal animation in pixels' - Note that this amount will get the textfields width added, to make sure your textfield exactly leaves your WIDTH OF ANIMATION
-- yWIDTH OF ANIMATION: 'Choose a width of your vertical animation in pixels' - Note that this amount will get the textfields heigth added, to make sure your textfield exactly leaves your HEIGTH OF ANIMATION
-- BRAKE SPEED: 'Choose a value in the list' - Experiment with this
-- Stop Time: 'type in a value to make your text stop for a certain amount of time' - Experiment with this
-- ACCELERATION SPEED: 'Type in a value (1-50 should fit)' - Experiment with this





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