by tom aka novatake

One great Effect that can be created in flash very easily is fading text it can make your site look a lot more cooler and gives you the facility of fading between images this tutorial will show you exactly how to do this.

[ you will be creating the above movie ]

  1. Create a new movie and change the size to 200x100 and enter the text KIRUPA.COM. Set the font color to something other than white.
  2. Click on the text so it gets a blue box around it make sure u are on the arrow tool. Then Right click on the text and click convert to symbol or press F8. Convert the text to a Movie Clip and press ok.
  3. A Small circle should appear now in the centre of your text that will be the sign to tell you that the text is a symbol:

[ the convert to symbol dialog box ]

  1. Now right click on the movie clip and click on properties you should see a panel appear and at the bottom right you will see a colour section click the drop down menu and choose alpha to the right of the menu a percentage bar will appear drag this down to 0% this will make your text invisible.

[ the alpha slider at 0% ]

  1. Insert a keyframe at about 30 frames in and right click on the clip again and go to properties, back down to alpha but this time change the alpha to 100% then exit the properties panel, highlight the layer and right click and press create motion tween this will add a coloured arrow into the timeline press Ctrl+enter to view the movie.
  2. If you want your text to fade back out like the sample then insert another keyframe at about 50 and change the alpha again to 0%

There, you have created some groovy fading text!




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