Drop-Down Menus
         by Syko

So want to create a drop-down menu eh? It's not hard at all! I'm not going to go into details in this tutorial. I'll just show you the main idea of the menu. This tutorial requires only the basic knowledge of Flash. The following animation is an example of what you will be creating:

[ A simple drop-down menu with no animation ]

First you should download the unfinished .fla file from the link in the following table:

So what do we have here? In the first frame there is the button that should open the menu and in frame 20 I've already copied out the buttons so you do not need to do that but if you will be creating your own drop-down menu some day be sure that there are no gaps between the menu buttons because whenever the mouse moves out of the button-area the menu will close.

There is only one button copied all over the place and the text on the buttons is in the "TxT" layer which is locked to make things easier. You can preview the animation if you'd like... nothing happens! The only action there right now is in the first frame of the "Actions" layer. As you can see it's a stop(); actions which just won't let the animation to start playing as you preview it.

Making the Menu Work:
The following steps will help you to create the drop-down menu:

  1. First double-click the symbol on the stage, go to frame 1 and click on the only button there and open up the actions tab! Now assign this piece of code to the button:

    on(rollOver) {

    This just tells the timeline to go to the frame labeled "open" when the cursor rolls over the button! You can see that frame 20 in the "Buttons" layer is labeled "open" and frame 1 is labeled "closed" (you can see that by selecting a frame and opening up the properties panel for that frame. Now close the actions tab!
  2. Next go to frame 20, click on the "Invisible button!!!" layer and insert a new keyframe in frame 20 by selecting frame 20 and pressing F6 or right-clicking frame 20 and selecting Insert keyframe.
  3. Now select the Rectangle Tool and draw a big rectangle! Bigger than the stage itself!
  4. If it's not selected yet, select the rectangle you just created by double-clicking on it with the arrow tool and go to Insert->Convert to Symbol or press F8!
    In the "name" field type "Invisible button" or something similar and make sure the behavior is "Button". Click OK!

[ Converting it to a symbol ]

  1. Double click the new symbol, click and drag the first frame on the timeline to the fourth frame of the timeline! From the "UP" frame to the "Hit" frame!
  2. Now click on the new symbol and add this piece of code on it:

    on(rollOver) {

    This just tells the timeline to go to frame 1 (labeled "closed") when the cursor rolls over the symbol!

That's it! Wasn't that easy? You can test the move by pressing CTRL+ENTER or by choosing control->Test Movie.
You can download the final source here!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post on the forums at: kirupaForum.

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