an Object Transparent
         by alex

In the tutorial listed below I will instruct you on how to make just about anything transparent. For this tutorial we will start off with a blank document:

Now, let's create our simple motion tween:

  1. First, draw something, import an image, etc. onto your drawing area.
  2. Once you finished the first step, we will now take what you drew/imported and convert it into a movie clip. To make it a movie clip, right click on your object and click on Convert to symbol. When the new window comes up, click the radio button horizontal to Movie clip. Press OK:

[ convert to symbol dialog box ]

  1. Click on the image once to select it.
  2. Now, on the properties bar, click the dropdown menu next to Color and select Alpha:

[ select the Alpha option ]

  1. Now all you have to do is enter a value or slide the slider to specify the alpha value you would like.

Now we are finished with creating a simple alpha effect! Post your flash related questions on



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