Movement - Example
         by senocular

So really, with the foundation I've created so far in the previous tutorials, there's no problem at all in translating basic movement in Flash to an isometric plane. Just code normally, then, when positioning on the screen, use the toScreen methods to translate an 'isometric' position correctly on the screen.

Along with this, toIso can be used to find out the position of the Clip on the screen and ultimately the grid space it occupies acting as a rudimentary hitTest.

See example:

Since this one has been lingering around since I made it, I am not sure if it uses anything new from what was previously discussed. If so, it'd be pretty basic and comprehendible or else I think I would have taken note to write more about it then (which I don't think I did!)

Oh, pressing and holding the mouse will allow you to control the direction of the ball a la diablo!

Download FLA

If you are interested in seeing how the above animation was done, feel free to download the source file.



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