Scrolling Image

A nice effect that I use frequently on my site is the image scroll. Unlike image scrolls you may see on other sites, you are going to make the scroll continuous without any breaks or gaps. The following animation is an example of what you will have you created by the time you reach the end of this tutorial:

[ clouds scrolling ]

Scrolling Image

Before we start, please download the partial source. Don't worry, the partial source will not have the key elements to make it'll do that with the information found in this tutorial. Click here to download the source.

Here's How:

  1. Once you have opened the file "picturemove_user.fla" that you downloaded, you will see the cloud image that I used. Right click on the clouds and select Edit in Place.
  2. We will have to animate the clouds image to make it look like it is scrolling left to right. Insert a keyframe on Frame 500 of your timeline. Now, while your animation is on Frame 500, select the clouds image and press SHIFT + Left arrow until the very right corner of the image matches the right corner of the movie stage:

  1. Now, highlight all the frames between Frame 1 and Frame 500. While the frames are highlighted, right click on any highlighted frame and select 'Create Motion Tween'. The image will now be tweened. When you preview the animation, you will see the clouds moving across the screen...albeit slowly.
  2. Now comes the task of formatting the image to make it look half-way decent. Select the first keyframe and click the cloud image. Go to the Effect panel and select Alpha from the drop-down menu. Enter a value of 5% on the text field on the right.
  3. Now, select Frame 500 (which houses another keyframe) and select the cloud image again. Alpha the image to a value of 5% just like you did for the instance of the image in Frame 1. You should barely be able to see the the image of the clouds at this point.
  4. Now, right click on Frame 100 and select Insert Keyframe. Select the cloud image and set the Alpha to 50%. Insert another keyframe on Frame 400 and set the Alpha of the image to 50% as well.

When you preview the animation, you will see a good scrolling effect with the illusion of actual clouds moving. This effect is not bad considering the size of the completed animation is only around 15-20k. If you post on my forums, you will see this same effect on my footer. My entire footer with this effect, text, and randomly moving objects is only 8k. Click here to see how my footer looks like.

Why the Animation Worked the Way it Worked
Because we moved quickly in completing the animation, I will explain to you the reasons behind the set-up of the partial FLA and the reasons behind the tasks you performed in the tutorial. The following are of questions that you may have regarding the animation.

What kind of an image should be used in this animation?

That depends on the type of animation you are using. I chose the clouds for my animation because I liked the effect produced by the clouds. Regardless of what image you choose, make sure that it will look good when animated. For example, the image you choose should include a similar starting and ending feature. Compare the clouds on Frame 1 and Frame 500. Both extremes of the clouds image share a large cloud that makes the transition from Frame 500 back to Frame 1 look smooth. For several animations, I have used pictures of a river, skyline, and more or the scrolling image effect; therefore the image you select depends on the type of image and animation you want.

Why is there a background layer with the clouds image in your animation?

Without the background image, the illusion of clouds moving will be shadowed by the fact it does not look realistic. With the cloud background that stays static, I've introduced the element of depth into the animation. Also, having an image in the background allowed me to make the clouds animation heavily transparent and still have the illusion of clouds moving.

But you should understand that you will not add a background image for all image scrolls. Because clouds that are close to the ground have a hazy, transparent feel, it looks natural. If you have a background layer of the New York City skyline and have a transparent skyline of NYC moving from left to right as your will look ridiculous to the person viewing the animation! A building does not look transparent when looked at directly. You have to use your judgment on whether to use a background layer or not.

Where would I get these types of images?

Because clouds are all around us on a sunny day, I took this picture myself outside my home. If you don't want to use clouds, try to find some desktop wallpaper of skylines, oceans, wooden fences, fire, etc. that you can animate and generate the scrolling image effect. Once you get an image you like, crop the image in an editing program so that the height of the image matches that of your Flash movie or a height that you want.

Be warned that having a large image will increase the file size and slow a computer's speed to a crawl when animation. Animating a large image over several hundred frames is highly CPU-intensive and many people with older CPU/Video Cards will be unable to view the effect combined with other animations.

What would be an acceptable file size for the animation?

If there is any problem with creating such an effect as this, the file size has to be it. The animation at the beginning of the tutorial clocked in at about 18k because the image is quite large. Then again, the entire animation along with the text and other "stuff" on my Flash footer that you will see in the and Flashkit forums is only 8k in size. Try to make the animation that uses this effect as physically small as possible. I wouldn't recommend having a 1024x768 image scrolling across the screen (no matter how well it animates and transitions)! The file size you use depends entirely upon how long you want your dial-up visitors to wait.

Just a final word before we wrap up. If you have a question and/or want to be part of a friendly, collaborative community of over 220k other developers like yourself, post on the forums for a quick response!

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