Game Story:
The Plot
by SeiferTim : 11 March 2004

The Quest
First, what is the purpose of your PCs? Why do they have to do whatever you want them to do? Perhaps they have to find a secret item, or rescue someone, or anything... you should decide why their leaving home. In my RPG, Worlds , our main PC, Eta, is accidentally sucked into another world through a portal, and after an accident in the Lab where he ends up, Eta is blown to another world, and lost within the Omniverse. He's now on a Quest to find his way home. (See that? That's like pointing out the key word, that is... oooo... )

Now the Quest can (and probably will) change periodically throughout the game, as more information becomes available... but they should generally stay static through most of the major sections (only really changing occasionally). Now a quest is the overall goal of the PCs, which is what they're trying to do in a big-picture type of thinking, a path is sort of like a mini-quest, that only lasts for a short time, until the PCs get to the next Path. Try not to get them confused...

Alright, so you're having trouble Picking a quest. Well, I've got help for you! Anyone who's familiar with the D&D Dungeon Master's Guide on Building a Dungeon should know this trick. Get out your d6es (six sided dice) (or made a quick random-number generator), and roll to pick out a quest (roll for each category, and then add them together):

Type of quest:

  1. Find
  2. Destroy/Kill
  3. Escape from
  4. Steal/Kidnap
  5. Free/Release
  6. Re-roll

Item/Person Involved:

  1. Royalty (King/Queen/Prince/Princess)
  2. A City/Town/Building/etc
  3. Magic Item (Ring/Gem/etc)
  4. Ruins
  5. Monster
  6. Regular Person

Okay, so lets make some rolls....

And it looks like I got........... a 3 , and a .... 1 ... hmmm, so we consult the tables, and we get: Escape from Royalty . Well, so how do we work this in as a Quest.... let's see...

The Quest
Our Main Character, who happens to be some sort of political activist, is under surveillance by the Duke of a neighboring Dukedom. The Character is suspected in a plot to overthrow the government, but he continues to state his innocence. After a failed assassination attempt on the Duke's Brother, he sends a team of warriors to take out our main character. While having a quiet evening at home one night, our PC sees a group of mercenaries snooping around his house, so he picks up his well-oiled sword, dons his ebon cloak, and steps out into the night to confront the sneaks.



Pretty neat, huh?

Came up with that on the spot... You may find that you have a little trouble coming up with a good quest right off the fly, so you may want to think it out for a while. I've kind of touched on a little bit of a path as well, at least the beginnings of one...

You may decide to come up with your own general quest generator, or just make up a quest out of your head... You'll want to try and make it a coherent path from quest-to-quest, so you may decide to do a few rolls all at once. Lets say I roll again, and I get: 5 and 2 .... Release a Town/Place ...

Okay, so our hero escapes from the Duke, but then comes back to Free the town from his tyrannical rule. It all should lock together. Remember, Quests are big events, that take a lot of time to complete, and are composed of tiny Paths .... it will all make sense soon...



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