Game Story:
The Plot
by SeiferTim : 11 March 2004

So now we're working on putting all these things together, in order to make it easy to follow, clear, and have all the details in one place.... well, we can try, anyway....

Most game developers put all their story information into a large document called the Design Document , which should hold every last bit of information that all the people working on the project will ever need to know. As well as the Story, the Design Document will hold biographical information on all the characters, general information on the overall game, and a whole lot of information on the code, and programming of the game itself. You can read some of Marz's Tutorials to help get some of the Design Doc things out of the way, I think he's a much better tutorial writer than I am, but when you're typing up the story, you'll want to keep a few things in mind:

Try and keep the story easy to follow, make references to other parts of the document. Include illustrations of things if you need to! Just try to make it look professional, and you should be okay.

You can see my design doc (so far) at: ... Please let me know what you think of my tutorials!!

Unless I think of anything else to add: The End.





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