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Information and Guidelines
It is that time of year - contest time. Because the past several contests were targeted towards designers, this contest will shift back towards Flash and programming. What better way to bring Flashers and Programmers together than by having a Flash Game Contest!

Your goal is to create a Flash Game using...well, Flash! So, there is no reason for you not to join in! Now, for the obligatory guidelines:

  1. The contest will end on July 12.
  2. The games must be created in Flash, but you are welcome to complement your game using external server-side features, graphics from PhotoShop/Fireworks/MS Paint, etc. See Step 11.
  3. All games must be less than 250k in file size. This includes all data loaded from an external location.
  4. Try to keep the width and height of your games under 640 by 480 pixels.
  5. The games should not be too graphically violent, inappropriate, or offensive. Try to use your best judgment.
  6. All work must be your own! While you are allowed to remake old games, you must create the game yourself. The game concept maybe recycled from another game such as solitaire, tetris, scorched earth, etc.
  7. You will need to provide the FLA for your game along with your entry, but the FLA will only be used by the judges and won't be public (unless you want it to be) after the contest ends.
  8. You are allowed to create as many entries as you want.
  9. Entries can be submitted to the following forum created specifically for this contest.
  10. The decisions of all the judges is final.
  11. Update:
    You can have your games pass user data such as name, scores, etc. You are free to store any such data on your own server, but you will be unable to use the kirupa.com site for storing such data.

That's it to all the rules. More rules may be added as seen fit, but until good luck and have fun!

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