Adding Items to a Listbox using Blend
       by kirupa  |  17 February 2009

A very popular control for displaying a list of things in Silverlight and WPF is the listbox control. It is one of my favorite controls and in this article, I will introduce the listbox to you and show you how you can use Blend to insert and modify items into your listbox easily.

If you have never played with a listbox before, check out the example I have posted below:

In the above example, scroll through the list of items, select items, click on them, etc. Just get a feel for what a listbox is capable of doing, and by the end of this tutorial, you will have learned how to create something like what you see above.

Getting Started
Create a new Silverlight 2 (or WPF) project in Expression Blend 2 SP1. Launch the Asset Library and, since the search field will have focus by default, begin typing the word listbox:

[ your Asset Library is a one-stop shop for all things controls and more ]

The listbox control will make its appearance very shortly. Once it appears, select it. Your Asset Library would disappear, and the Listbox icon will appear directly above your Asset Library chevron:

[ the selected control is displayed above your Asset Library icon ]

Double click on the icon, and a listbox will be inserted for you at its default size on your artboard. Feel free to resize and reposition it as you will:

[ a listbox without any items looks pretty plain ]

As you can see, a listbox inserted at its default size looks a bit plain....almost too plain! Don't worry. The plainness will be reduced once your listbox begins to store some items. Let's look at how to do that in the next section.

Adding Items to your Listbox in Blend
To add items to your listbox in Blend, make sure your listbox is the active container. You can do that by looking in your object tree and double-clicking on the listbox. Once you double-click on the listbox, a yellow outline will appear around it:

[ double click on the listbox to make it the active container ]

 The yellow outline indicates that this element will be the default location for inserted elements. So, let's go ahead and insert a few items. More specifically, let's insert a ListBox item.

To insert a listbox item, launch your Asset Library again and search for listboxitem.

[ search for the ListBoxItem control ]

Just like before with the listbox, select the listbox item to both close the Asset Library as well as make the listbox item the active control:

[ your ListBoxItem now has a seat above the Asset Library icon ]

Double click on the ListBoxItem icon that appears in your toolbox. Once you double-click, notice that your listbox now displays an item:

[ your listbox item can now be seen inside a listbox ]

Keep double-clicking on the ListBoxItem icon to insert more items into your listbox. Notice that the items you insert into your listbox also appear in your object tree:

[ your object tree provides a running tally of items currently in your listbox ]

You can select a listboxitem either in your object tree or directly from your listbox by just clicking on it. Once you have selected your listboxitem, you can use the Properties Inspector to modify any of the listboxitem's properties. To change the text of your listboxitem, look at the Content property under the Common Properties category:

[ the Content property allows you to change what is displayed ]

Change the content from ListBoxItem to whatever text you would like to display. You can do this for all of the listbox items that you currently have in your listbox:

[ my listbox items no longer display default values ]

One thing to note is that your Listbox is actually layout panel. It just happens to lay things out on top of each other and display a scrollbar when scrolling is required. Nowhere does it expect only listboxitems to be contained inside it.

You can insert any element you want into your listbox, and depending on the element, something predictable or unpredictable will happen:

[ your listbox is quite flexible in what it will allow one to display ]

I hope this brief article provided an overview of how to add items to your listbox. There is a lot more you can do with listboxes, and future tutorials will cover many of those topics in greater detail.

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