kirupaVille 2: The Best Pixel Town Ever
         by nathan strang; updated by kirupa   |   14 April 2005

How it began.
After a sudden craze of pixel art in the forum, a few brave Kirupians had the idea to create a pixel town. They came together despite conflicting time zones, and in 3 short days, had a working test model and the first buildings completed... a project called kirupaVille. The idea was to put into visualization what really was: a community. Unlike most Pixel towns, kirupaVille is set inside a Flash construct of sorts, allowing for greater interactivity and making it unlike any other on the web.

What it is now.
kirupaVille is always under construction, but you can view how it looks currently:

Move in now!
kirupaVille is always growing, and we want you to be a part of it! Currently there are four plot sizes [fig. 1]:

[fig. 1 - this is what the plots look like]

  • 1x1 - Perfect for a skyscraper or a little house...size doesn't matter...Kirupa had a 1x1, and he's the Mayor!
  • 1x2 - Two single plots put together... amazing huh?
  • 2x1 - Same as a 1x2, but rotated.
  • 2x2 - The big daddy plot... a real test of pixel patience.

We designed the plots in kirupaVille to overlap a bit... but there is a height limit... and that's where the template comes into place. each plot is loaded dynamically.. so it is essential that all submissions must be the same size as the template(fig.2-5). If not, your plot will not be approved and we will not fix it for you. the dark blue area is the dimensions of the plot, and the lighter blue area is the height limit.

[fig. 2]
[fig. 3]
[fig. 4]
[fig. 5]

Here are some simple guidelines to ensure plot approval and keep you from scrapping hours of hard work...

  1. Stay in the template!
    Do not add a sidewalk, road, or go into the transparent areas of the file.
  2. Do not change the size of the template.
    Your file must be the same size to ensure that it will load in the right location
  3. No animated gifs.
    Submit your piece as a static gif or a png.

Get Started!
Hopefully you have read the rules and you are ready to get started. Right click on the template of your choice above, save it, and get pixeling. Upload your post to the kirupaVille Forum and if you followed the rules, you should see your creation in the town in no time!

here are the answers to many of the questions that were asked over and over again in the design stage of kirupaVille

  • How should I shade my plot?
    The kirupaVille "sun" is always at the upper left corner [fig. 6].

[fig. 6]

  • Can I do more than 1 plot?
    Of course... but one at a time please...
  • Can I link my plot to my website?
    Each plot will link to the creator's profile.
  • I'm no good at pixel art, is there a good tutorial?
    We searched and found some great sources to help you on your way you can find them here... in the kirupaVille forum
  • MS Paint or Photoshop?
    It really all comes down to what you are comfortable with. MS Paint is simpler to use and cheap. But Photoshop will let you make layers, transparent glass, and give you more control over what to do. We can't recommend either (for fear of heavy debate,) but [fig. 6] was made with PS.
You can use other programs such as Fireworks, etc. also. Any program that you like and can create the pixel-look, is great!
  • How can I help out?
    Besides contributing can watch the forums for any mini projects, such as buildings that link to parts of

kirupaVille Build team
These are the guys that made kirupaVille a reality... without them.. this could never exist.

Version 2:

  • Senocular- Creator of the current CSS / HTML version that is featured in kirupaVille 2.
  • Kirupa- Updates the kirupaVille with the new entries, answers questions, etc.

Version 1:

  • GreenLantern - Took on the HUGE task of coding and compiling kirupaVille version 1. God Bless him for being so patient with us.
  • Eilsoe - Created the HUD and was part of the original team in 2001 that tried to create a kirupaVille. Sadly, that project did not have the support that we do now, and it fizzled shortly after.
  • [ uber ] - Me. I made the initial blueprints, tiles, and pixel art. CoReviver of the project and building coordinator. I also watch the forums like a hawk to answer any question you might have about kirupaVille
  • B3Nkobe - CoReviver and building coordinator. Ben made the cars that like to crash into each other and helps to answer the many questions that arise.

We'd also like to thank...

  • Coffee - for helping me stay up the countless nights to get things done.

We do not thank...

  • Time zones - they are so annoying... the internet has no time zone... so why do we have to...

This has been a fun project to make, but it is up to you to make it flourish. So sign up, zoom in, and make your mark in kirupaVille!

Peace, love, and Pixels.

The kirupaVille Build Team
Senocular, Kirupa, GreenLantern, Eilsoe,
[uber], B3Nkobe


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